Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh was the sequel to Candyman and it was released in 1995.

Plot Edit

Coleman Tarrant who was the father of a New Orleans schoolteacher named Annie Tarrant was murdered while he was investigating the deaths of the three men who are murdered like the victims of the Candyman. One year after Coleman's murder and three years after the Candyman murders in Chicago, Professor Philip Purcell wrote a book about the murders and Helen Lyle's involvement. The Candyman murdered Purcell in a bathroom after Purcell presented the legend at a book signing. Annie's brother named Ethan was accused of the murder because of the previous confrontations over the subject. One of Tarrant's students saw the Candyman. To disprove that the Candyman existed, she invoked his name by summoning him to New Orleans on the eve of Mardi Gras where the killings began in earnest. Her husband named Paul McKeever became one of the Candyman's victims. One of her students named Mathew disappeared and his classmates believed that the Candyman was responsible.

The Candyman was revealed to be Daniel Robitaille who was the son of a slave on the Esplanade Plantation in New Orleans. Chosen by a wealthy landowner to paint a portrait of his daughter named Caroline, the intimacy of the setting caused an affair between Daniel and Caroline. Caroline became pregnant and Daniel was reviled. Caroline's father and a lynch mob hunted Daniel down. They cutted his right hand off and they coated him in the honey which was from a nearby beehive. A small boy tasted the honey and proclaimed "Candyman!" The crowd seized the name and they shouted it with gusto. The bees swarmed over Daniel's body by mortally wounding him. Caroline's father restrained her and he taunted Daniel over his disfigurement with her mirror. Daniel gasped the words, "Candyman" before dying. Caroline seized the mirror and she cradled it. It was this mirror that held the tortured and hateful soul of the Candyman. Caroline fled to New Orleans and she hid the mirror in Daniel's birthplace. She gave birth to Daniel's daughter named Isabel who was a Creole who was raised by her mother as white. The mirror granted the Candyman his spiritual medium and it imbued his soul with the strength to kill when he was called upon.

Annie was revealed to be the descendant of Caroline Sullivan and Daniel Robitaille. The Candyman stalked Annie so he may kill her and destroy himself at midnight on Ash Wednesday. After talking with Ethan, Annie visited Honore Thibideaux who told her that Caroline moved to New Orleans after Daniel's death. The Candyman appeared and he killed him with the bees while Annie escaped. At the police station, the Candyman slayed Detective Ray Levesque and Ethan was shot dead by a police officer when he tried to escape.

Octavia who was Annie's guilt ridden mother drowned her worries in alcohol. She admitted that Coleman tried to link the family name to the Candyman, but she denied that he existed. Incensed over her offensive and blatant disbelief of him, the Candyman introduced himself before killing her. Annie fled. Coleman was murdered by the Candyman after he seeked to expose the truth. Driven to madness at his search for the mirror, he eventually gave in and he called on the Candyman to justify his search at the expense of his life.

Annie fled to Daniel's birthplace where she found Matthew. Annie fell through the stairs into the flooded basement where she found the mirror and the Candyman. He revealed that the mirror was the source of his resurrection and he tried to sacrifice her. Annie destroyed the mirror and the Candyman. The slave quarters crashed into the river, but Matthew saved Annie by pulling her out. Several years later, Annie had Paul's daughter who she named Caroline. After Annie kissed Caroline goodnight and she left the room, Caroline started to chant the Candyman's name. Annie stopped her and she told her to go to bed.

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