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Daniel Robitaille, later known as Candyman, was the son of a slave, the lover to Caroline Sullivan, and the father of Isobel Sullivan. He is also the ancestor to Annie Tarrant and Caroline Mckeever

In the film, he is portrayed by Tony Todd.

Early Life

Born in the late 1800's in New Orleans, Daniel Robitaille was the son of a slave, who possessed a talent; he was able to paint and produce portraits. His father was famous for creating a machine that was able to mass produce shoes after the civil war in America; this allowed Daniel to attend good schools in which the white people had attended.

Daniel grew up in the society where he and his family were accepted. In his mid-20’s Daniel had been hired by a wealthy landowner to paint a portrait capturing his daughter’s virginal beauty. During this time, the pair began to  fall in love. Which results in Caroline becoming pregnant with girl named Isobel.

His Death (The Making of the Candyman)

After Caroline's father found out about her and Daniel's relationship, her father ordered a few of the town's people to hunt Daniel down.

Daniel Being Stung by Bees

 The town’s people cut of his right hand with a rusty saw and covered his body with honey from local bee hives. They then chanted the name “Candyman”, but as the bees came to attack, the townspeople fled.

Daniel before he dies

A few hours passed, and the same townsfolk return where they last left Daniel, and are surprised to see that he is still alive. Caroline then runs into the crowd while trying to stop any further harm to Daniel, but fails. Her father then takes a mirror and lets Daniel look at himself; Daniel then says the name “Candyman” and dies seconds after. Caroline takes the mirror and runs off  but she then sees Daniel's face in the mirror and keeps it as a prized possession of hers.

The Myth

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After having his name chanted by the town's people who murdered him as a human, he returns as a medium and has the power to harm and kill people. Many murders occur over time that have been committed after individuals have called his name five times in the mirror.

The myth of Candyman says that if his name is called five times in the mirror, he would then appear behind the person and murder them with a bloody hook which has replaced his hand that was cut off by Caroline's father.



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